ICT-enabled lifelong learning


Percentage of persons engaged in an online eLearning course who state that they would not have engaged in a training course if it had not been possible online.

Unit of observation

Total adult population

Reporting unit

Total adult population


Survey questions (adapted from eUSER survey): “In the last 12 months, have you used the Internet, to do an online course over the Internet. This means that a significant part of the learning content is being received via the Internet.
[IF YES] If that training course had not been available online, do you think

  • you would have taken a comparable course in a traditional way, that means through classroom instruction only?
  • you would have taken a comparable course as a traditional correspondence course, that means with learning content and assignments being sent to you through the post?

Complementary indicators


Relation to existing indicators

The indicator was piloted in the eUSER study, see Gareis( 2006).

Methodological issues concerning application of the indicator

Hypothetical questions are generally hard to answer. For that reason, results need to be treated with care, and internal validation by means of other questions in the same survey should be sought.