ICT-enabled access to resources (individuals)


Percentage of individuals who have experienced ICT-enabled improved access to vital resources.

Unit of observation

Total population.

Reporting unit

All Internet users


Survey question as piloted in TRANSFORM (adapated from Pew Internet): “This question is about some important decisions or changes that may have occurred in your life. In the last three years have you…?

  1. Made a major investment or financial decision
  2. Gotten additional education or training for your career
  3. Chosen a school or college for yourself or your child
  4. Helped another person deal with a major illness or health condition
  5. Moved into a new place to live
  6. Changed jobs

[IF YES] Thinking about the process you went through as you made this decision or dealt with this event, how important was the role of the Internet? (10-point scale with 1 = essential to 10 = not important at all.)

Complementary indicators

  • Specific role the Internet played in vital decisions or events, as perceived by users (“Help find advice or support from other people”, “Help find information or compare options”, “Help find professional or expert services”, “Something else”. [From Pew Internet survey]
  • Problems experienced when using the Internet for dealing with vital decisions or events (“At any point during this process, did you get BAD information or advice on the internet that made your experience more difficult, or wasn’t this a problem for you?”) [From Pew Internet survey]
  • Relative importance of the Internet vis-á-vis other information sources for dealing with vital decisions or events (“Thinking about all of the different sources of information you used as you went through this process, was the most important source something you found on the Internet or something you found offline?”) [From Pew Internet survey]

Relation to existing indicators

Established indicator in the regular Pew Internet survey on Life’s Major Moments, conducted in the USA only.

Methodological issues concerning application of the indicator

The module piloted in the TRANSFORM survey was a slightly modified version of the Pew Internet module. The changes were: A 10-point scale was used for replies (instead of the 4-point scale used in the Pew study) and two items were dropped as they appeared to be less applicable in European contexts.