Broadband access (households)


Share of private households having broadband access to the Internet

Unit of observation

Private households

Reporting unit

Individuals in private households


Survey question (from Eurostat model survey): “What types of Internet connection are used [in your household]?

  1. Modem (dial-up access over normal telephone line) or ISDN
  2. DSL (e.g. ADSL, SHDSL, etc.)
  3. Other broadband connection (e.g. cable, UMTS, etc)
  4. Mobile phone over narrowband (GPRS, etc.)”

Complementary indicators

  • Prices for broadband access basket (households)
  • Stationary broadband availability (Percentage of population reached by switches equipped for DSL and/or living in houses passed by an upgraded cable)

Relation to existing indicators

This is a well-established indicator, as included in the OECD and Eurostat model surveys for household surveys on ICT.

Methodological issues concerning application of the indicator

The definition of broadband needs continuously to be re-assessed, and adapted in time. Consistency with the latest version of the annual Eurostat model household survey instrument is recommended.