Collaborationís effects on capacity to change


Share of enterprises using virtual collaboration which report a positive impact on the capacity to change in the reference period.

Unit of observation

All enterprises, or: organisations, or: establishments.

Reporting unit

HRM managers (in smaller organisations: owners or general managers) or person with IT responsibility


Survey question: ďThinking of the collaboration you have engaged in in the reference period, how do perceive the effect of collaboration on your organisationís ability to adapt quickly:

  • to fluctuations in demand,
  • to unexpected changes in the market environment (if applicable),
  • to lack of available skills on the labour market (if applicable),
  • to new market opportunities.

(5-point scale: very positive to very negative).
Compound indicator to be calculated as sum over all items.

Complementary indicators


Relation to existing indicators

A related indicator was piloted in the 2008 NewGlobal survey.

Methodological issues concerning application of the indicator