Networking intensity of public sector institutions


Network-analysis derived indicator measuring the extent to which a region’s public sector institutions (including universities) are participating in (a) intra-region (b) cross-region (c) international collaborative research and/or deployment activities.

Unit of observation

Administrative unit (region)/

Reporting unit

Depending on availability: Databases on participation in R&D programmes


To be explored in application case.

Complementary indicators


Relation to existing indicators

This approach was piloted by Malerba et al. (2007) based on data on participation in EU-funded research and deployment projects

Methodological issues concerning application of the indicator

Network analysis could provide valuable data for feeding indicators on interconnections within and between regions. This possibility has not yet been much explored. In particular, it would be highly interesting to establish an indicator on cross-sector interconnectedness, as a low level of such networking has been shown to be one of the core factors for explaining insufficient progress in effective use of ICT.