Workplaces enabling experiential learning


Share of persons in paid work who have a workplace in a knowledge-intensive environment.

Unit of observation

Total population in paid work.

Reporting unit

Total population in paid work.


Survey question: “Not all learning takes place intentionally or via learning-by-doing. One can also learn new things by observing what people around oneself are doing and talking about. Would you say that at your workplace it is easy to learn from observing what people around you are doing and talking about?”

Complementary indicators

  • Percentage of persons employed using Internet in normal work routine.

Relation to existing indicators

While the indicator has not been piloted yet, it is related to question items used in the European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS), which asks respondents whether:

  • they can get assistance from colleagues if they ask for it
  • they can get assistance from superiors if they ask for it
  • they can get external assistance if they ask for it
  • At work, they have opportunities to learn and grow

Methodological issues concerning application of the indicator

For the working population, this indicator should be broken down by sector of employment to produce a synthesized indicator on the situation of public sector employees only.