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The association of regional development agencies is a non profit-making organisation aiming to promote regional economic development through dialogue


EUROCITIES is the network of major European cities. Founded in 1986, the network brings together the local governments of more than 130 large cities in over 30 European countries. EUROCITIES provides a platform for its member cities to share knowledge and ideas, to exchange experiences, to analyse common problems and develop innovative solutions, through a wide range of Forums, Working Groups, Projects, activities and events.


Nordregio, the centre for research, education and documentation on spatial development established by the Nordic Council of Ministers, is working in the field of spatial development, including physical planning and regional policies, in the Nordic countries and Europe

Observatory PASCAL

The Observatory seeks to provide an international strategic information tracking and sharing service on Place Management, Social Capital and Learning Regionsin support of sustainable development based in experience and evidence of what works.

PASCAL is an international research and policy development alliance which aims to develop, communicate and explain new and emerging ideas of relevance to the area.PASCAL is an alliance of RMIT University, Victoria, the University of Stirling, Scotland, the State Government of Victoria, the Scottish Executive Scottish Communities and Kent County Council, UK.

Teleregions Network

Teleregions Network promotes the development of Information Society Technologies in European Regions, with the aim of stimulating regional co-operation

Geert Hofstede

The website of the renowned researcher on cultural differences between nation states.